Fears tourists will force Cornwall's 'hotel homeless' on to streets

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A charity in Cornwall fears homeless people who are being temporarily housed in hotels will be thrust back on the streets as holiday-makers arrive for the summer months.

As of March, Cornwall Council was supporting 31 people by housing them in B&Bs and other shared accommodation.

It has since said it is working on a number of schemes to tackle the pressure on housing in the county.

But now there are real fears a return of tourists will stretch the resources available for housing homeless people when the busy summer months arrive.

Twice a week, the Drop In and Share Centre (DISC) in Newquay provides hot meals and bags of food for people who are being provided with emergency housing by Cornwall Council in hotels and B&Bs.

Charity DISC says it is concerned that homeless people could be thrust back on to the streets.

DISC's manager Monique Collins said there are real worries about the future of those the centre supports.

"They are the forgotten ones and then they don't even know if they are secure where they are because they might be told tomorrow that they need to move somewhere else," she said.

"If you are placed in a hotel room with very little money, or no money until the next pay day, then you are stuck. I think if I was placed here I would feel that somebody had completely forgotten about me."

'I might end up living in my car again'

One man who is being housed in a Newquay hotel, but who did not want to be identified, told ITV West Country News that while he is grateful he has been given somewhere to stay, he knows he could be asked to leave at any time.

"I really take it day by day. I might end up back living in my car, I hope that isn't the situation," he said.

One man who wished to remain anonymous says that he may have to go back to living in his car.

"I'm trying to find somewhere more permanent but because this is all new to me it is a learning curve."

In a statement Cornwall Council said: "Our priority is to keep people safe, and we continue to put in place measures to tackle the unprecedented pressure on housing in Cornwall.

"The council aims to reduce the reliance on short-term hotel and B&B accommodation and has already expanded its provision.

"The council is also investing £39m in acquiring a portfolio of properties to provide temporary accommodation across Cornwall as well as working with partners to deliver a range of permanent homes in Cornwall."