How the tragic Plymouth shootings inspired people to volunteer at their local food bank

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Volunteers at a food bank in the Keyham area of Plymouth say they are seeing twice as many people asking for help since the start of the year.

The community was devastated by the mass shooting last August in which five people lost their lives.

The tragic events have inspired locals to volunteer and help support others in the tight-knit community who are struggling with the current economic climate.

Those who help run the food banks and support centres in the area say that they have noticed a huge increase in demand, nearly double what they were seeing this time last year.

The food bank is run by volunteers. Credit: ITV News

"We've noticed a huge increase since Christmas - probably double the demand. Fuel prices have gone up, electricity has gone up. I think people were struggling before," Paul Keller said.

The food bank is just a short walk away from the spot where, last summer, five people were shot and killed by a gunman who then turned the weapon on himself.

The tragedy had a profound effect on the people of Keyham and Ford, and eight months later the pain is still as raw as ever,

The food bank is open to everyone. Credit: ITV News

David Wright was working as a police chaplain on the night itself.

He says he was left with a feeling of wanting to help, which led him to enquire at the food bank.

"I saw people I knew who were traumatised, and felt I needed to do something for the area," he said. "I realised that providing food for the needy was somewhere I could contribute.

"I wish the incident hadn't happened, but it has helped to bring the community together."

Dozens of other people have come together when this community's togetherness was at a real risk of being pulled apart.