Cost of living crisis sees food at Weston-super-Mare community fridge run out in 10 minutes

A community fridge in Weston-super-Mare has given out more than five tonnes of food in just six months - with supplies being snapped up within minutes.

The Fridge of Free Stuff is based in the Sovereign Centre, giving out free food donated by supermarkets to those in need.

But the people behind the project say the rising cost of living means they often see stock gone within 10 minutes of opening.

The shop was set up to tackle the problem of food waste, with supermarkets donating fresh food which would otherwise have been thrown away.

James Willis-Boden is one of the people behind the project. He said: "The main focus has been on food waste - it is about trying to save the planet. But, obviously, we know people who are struggling are going to be using us.

"'Heat or eat' has been bandied around now for five or six years and we’ve heard some harrowing stories of people passing away because they’ve chosen to heat or eat."

Over five and a half tonnes of food has been handed out since the project opens Credit: ITV News West Country

Parent Justine Perryman often picks up food at the store. She says she has made new friends there but also feels it is keeping many families from going hungry.

She said: "It’s by no means a food bank but they are using it to top-up what they’ve got in the fridge because they’re struggling so much.

"So many people that I know have had to turn their heating off even though they’ve got children because they can no long afford to run it.

"Something’s gone seriously wrong, I think, when you have to have children that are cold living in the UK."