Meet the robot waiter serving dinner to holidaymakers on the Isles of Scilly

  • Charlotte Gay has been finding out more about Bella the robot

A lack of hospitality staff on the Isles of Scilly has led one restaurant in St Mary's hire a new robotic waiter.

'Bella' carries plates from the kitchen at On The Quay and returns them for cleaning to assist busy staff on at the holiday hotspot, even "working up to 24/7 if required".

Owner Phillip Moon says Bella is "incredible" and adopting the robot as part of the waiting team the restaurant says it has allowed them to "spend more time with our guests to improve their overall experience".

"We've seen a lot of smiling faces, a lot of phones have been brought out and and the staff absolutely love it because we're not doing 6-7 miles a night running plates."

Bella is programmed to run food to the customers tables Credit: On the Quay

Operating much like a driverless car, Phillip says Bella senses movement and people around her and will stop to avoid any collisions with customers.

"Bella can stop a lot quicker than one of us running down the restaurant with a few plates of food", he said.

It comes as the isles are facing unprecedented pressure on housing, with even doctors and nurses unable to relocate due to the ongoing housing crisis.

Phillip said: "The housing crisis is one thing, Brexit's another, spiralling costs in food and labor in everything.

"It's all going against the grain for a business like this."

It was an investment to buy Bellabot, and improvements were needed to make sure she could move around the restaurant easily.

However Philip says she will pay for herself quite quickly and while working she will be paid an hourly wage, which will be donated to the The Island Haven fund for 2022 season.

The charity is fundraising to build and equip a place for people from the Isles of Scilly to stay while undergoing medical treatment on the mainland at the Royal Cornwall Hospital.