Quadriplegic former Bath rugby player breaks world record for Nepal mountain climb

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A quadriplegic former Bath rugby player has broken the world record for climbing 6800m with a spinal cord injury.

Ed Jackson was left paralysed after diving into a shallow pool and injuring his neck.

Less than a year after the accident, the 33-year-old had recovered enough to climb Snowdon.

He then attempted to scale the 7,000-metre tall Mount Himling Himal in Nepal but had to stop just 200m from the summit.

Ed Jackson manage to scale 6,800 metres up Mount Himling Himal in Nepal

He said: "We were 16 hours into summit day and we were exhausted.

"It's not just about can you get to the top but you have to get back down and I have to climb with just one leg so my right leg had blown out.

"It was a level of exhaustion I'd never experienced before."

On the descent to base camp, the team realised they were surrounded by hidden crevasses.

They spent the night on the side of the mountain with no food, no water, and no shelter in temperatures which could reach -30 degrees celsius.

Ed feels grateful to still be alive after getting stuck on his hike

The team had to stay and waited to be rescued by a helicopter.

Now Ed is back home in Timsbury near Bath, he realises how fortunate he was to survive.

He said: "In that moment you don't realise how close you are not making it through but you know that could have been it.

"It's with hindsight you know how close it could have been so I’m feeling very grateful and very lucky to still be here."