Wiltshire gran a millionaire after winning on two National Lottery scratch cards from same shop

Sandy Doyle

A Wiltshire grandmother who bought not one but two winning scratch cards at the same time says she retired from her warehouse job as soon as she had her millionaire status confirmed.

Sandy Doyle, from Salisbury, stopped at the local shop on Sunday morning to fetch her newspaper and returned home with two winning National Lottery scratch cards – one earning her £10, and the other £1million.

The 58-year-old believes the best part of her win will be the freedom to spend more time with her family.

“Once home, I popped the kettle on for a cup of coffee and decided to scratch my scratch cards,” she said.

Sandy Doyle bought two scratchcards, winning £10 on one and £1 million on the other Credit: Luke MacGregor/Camelot/PA

“When I revealed the £1MIL sign on the first Match A Million, I didn’t believe it so I put it to one side and played the other… I saw I had won £10 on that scratch card, which I did believe.

“I then looked back at the other one, rubbed my eyes and signed the back just in case.

“I’m an early riser so it was nerve-wracking waiting for the National Lottery phone lines to open at 9am… I called one of my daughters who didn’t believe me – to be fair, I’m not sure I did either.”

Ms Doyle hopes the money will allow her to ‘cherish precious moments’ with her father Credit: Luke MacGregor/Camelot/PA

Ms Doyle said she will be helping her children and grandchildren with the money and is already planning a trip to the beach, as well as a visit to Las Vegas.

“I think the first treat for us all will be a trip to the beach for Easter holidays where we can have fun and take some time to plan the future,” she said.

“I’m OK where I am currently, but in the future I’d like to buy a bungalow.

“I have a cousin in Atlanta, Georgia, who I haven’t been able to visit in the past two years, so a holiday over there and a road trip to Las Vegas are definitely on the cards.”

Ms Doyle hopes the win will let her catch more rugby games Credit: Luke MacGregor/Camelot/PA

Ms Doyle, who picked up her winning scratch card from the One Stop shop in Netherhampton Road, Harnham, said the win will allow her to “cherish precious moments” with her father, who she cares for.

“I didn’t retire to swan about living the millionaire life,” she said.

“I help care for my father, and that was always a juggle with work – now thanks to this amazing win I will have more time to cherish precious moments with him.”

Ms Doyle added that the £1million may help fund her passion for watching rugby.

“I’m also a big rugby fan and have only been able to watch England at Twickenham once, so there will certainly be more trips to watch them, as well as watching the Rugby World Cup in France next year.”

The Match a Million scratchcards offer a one in 3.45 overall chance of winning a prize, ranging from £5 to £1,000,000.