Covid outbreaks confirmed at more than 100 care homes in Devon

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More than 100 care homes in Devon are currently dealing with a Covid outbreak, new figures show.

Of the 316 care homes in the county, 121 are experiencing an outbreak of the virus.

An outbreak is defined by two or more cases among residents and staff. Most of the cases in Devon relate to care home workers.

It means almost 40% of all care homes in Devon are dealing with an outbreak - prompting fears the level of care for residents could be compromised.

Now visitors are trying to work with care homes to try to stop the spread, despite all Covid restrictions being officially lifted.

Public Health Devon's director Steve Brown said: “Cases of coronavirus in Devon are high, and there are a lot of care homes that are feeling the impact of that on staff especially.

“Care homes are following strict infection control measures, and visitors will still be required to comply with their local procedures.

“I ask visitors to carry on working with their care home, and continue to take care to reduce risk of infection.”

The county's deputy director of Public Health Devon Tina Henry told ITV the health and care system has been "under pressure" but is "managing quite well".

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"We've got lots of support in place for care homes in terms of their staffing, in terms of outbreak management.

"It's not going to be easy for them at all, but it has been managed very well throughout the course of the pandemic."

Director of the Devon Care Homes Collaborative Lucy Bull said: “National guidance has changed, but we ask visitors to continue following care homes’ visitor policies.

“Restrictions are still in place, so if you are planning to visit, please call ahead to check their procedures. Even if the home is in outbreak, the guidance supports some key visits, so it is worth a conversation with the home. And if you don’t feel well on the day, please postpone your visit until you feel better.”