Father and son save dog trapped in Cornwall cave after RNLI stood down

The dog was rescued by surfers Credit: BPM Media

A father and son have been praised for rescuing a dog from a cave in Cornwall after lifeboat crews had to stand down.

The dog was reported lost from the cliffside at about 1.48pm on Monday 11 April and the Lizard RNLI team quickly scrambled to find it.

Mullion and Porthoustock Coastguard Rescue teams joined the RNLI to look for the dog in what they described as "treacherous" conditions with four-metre high waves.

As conditions settled, Rudy Donovan and his father went out in search of the animal.

The family manage the nearby Kynance Cove café and Rudy said they are "experienced surfers" who know the cove "very well".

He added: "Once the tide dropped, the caves which are submerged at high tide had about a waistline depth of water in so we were able to have a proper look.

"The waves were still big and the journey round was still very deep (above our heads) making it quite hectic, so the paddle round was challenging and we had to time our actions carefully to avoid large sets of waves. Once we got round there we went into the cave where the dog was last heard.

"The cave was pitch black but we used a head torch to find the dog."

He said they were able to reassure the dog and get her onto one of their boards, while being careful of her injured leg and hip.

Rudy said: "Luckily the dog remained calm making it easier for us to bring her in.

"After a few wipe-outs and having to get the dog back on the board after large waves we got her round to safety.

Rudy Donovan and his dad were able to rescue the injured dog Credit: BPM Media

"We are so glad we went for a look as it prevented the dog from being left overnight at the back if the long cave."

"Initial reports were that the dog was trapped inside a cave but no trace was found and following an intensive search of the area RNLB Rose was stood down to return to station," a spokesperson for the Lizard RNLI said.

"Thankfully a short time later the dog was recovered by members of the public - a huge thanks to them - with a possible broken back leg and taken straight to the vets for medical attention."