Dorset woman faces 'worst nightmare' finding snake in back garden

  • Watch the huge snake which was found in the couple's garden shed

A woman from Dorset says she's still "traumatised" after a huge snake was discovered in her back garden.

Helen Martin's husband, Lee, found the snake outside their Sherborne home while putting the rubbish out.

He apparently heard a "hissing" sound before making the shocking discovery.

Helen took to Facebook to ask, "Anyone know what snake this is? It has gone into our shed".

The snake was then rescued by a reptile enthusiast, who believed it could be a bullsnake which is native to North America.

Bull-snakes are a nonvenomous species and can eat small rodents and grow up to 8ft long.

Helen Martin says the whole incident was "her worst nightmare" and is still "traumatised".