Dog presumed dead on South West Coast Path rescued days later - using half a sausage roll

Rescuers came to the conclusion Henry had died - until he was heard by passers-by two days later. Credit: Boscastle Coastguard Team

A dog which rescuers thought had died on the South West Coast Path was saved several days later - by passers-by using half a sausage roll and some treats.

Henry, a working dog in Cornwall, went missing in the undergrowth at The Strangles, north of Boscastle, on Friday 8 April.

Two members of the Boscastle Coastguard Rescue Team who were off-duty spoke to Henry's owner and offered to help search for the dog using their personal drones.

The pair searched the heavy gorse and area's fissures using drones and on foot for two hours on Saturday afternoon but did not find Henry.

Following the search, it was concluded the dog had probably fallen down a fissure - an open ground fracture - and died.

The Strangles, north of Boscastle in Cornwall, is tough terrain for search and rescue missions with many tight and deep fissures. Credit: Boscastle Coastguard Team.

But Boscastle Coastguard Team and Bude Coastal Rescue Teams were paged at 5.45pm on Sunday 10 April after a dog had been heard and found down 20-foot tight fissure, near to where Henry went missing.

The teams used a rope rescue kit and a cliff technician was then lowered down the fissure to retrieve Henry using half a sausage roll and some treats.

It took the technician approximately 30 minutes of "shuffling and squeezing and some lassoing" before a rope could be secured around Henry, the coastguard team said.

He was eventually pulled to safety.

In a post, Boscastle Coastguard Team said the owners were "overjoyed and happy" following the unlikely rescue.