Glastonbury 2022: How Pilton is preparing for return of UK's biggest music festival

Businesses and groups based near the site of the Glastonbury Festival have spoken about the huge financial impact it has on them.

The event is set to return to Worthy Farm in Somerset on 22 June 2022 following a three-year break because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Over the decades, the festival has given rise to numerous local businesses who rely on it for income.

One such company is The Pop-Up Hotel, which started in 2011 in fields neighbouring the site. It has since grown to install off-grid cabins, tree houses and tents in unusual locations for breaks that allow people to reconnect with nature.

Co-owner Mark Sorrill says the Glastonbury Festival has a huge impact locally.

The Pop-Up Hotel has been running next to the Glastonbury Festival site since 2011 Credit: The Pop-Up Hotel

"It’s given a big boost and a great big dose of PR and exposure for all the smaller cottage industries that we have that, perhaps, wouldn’t get that recognition the rest of the year," he said.

"That one weekend in June is enormous for this area and a great platform.

"It’s almost incalculable the influence, I think, of the festival and it’s been really difficult to be away from it but very excited to be back."

Hannah Bennett relies on festivals for the majority of her annual takings Credit: Hannah Bennett

While some people pick up business off site, traders like Hannah Bennett are gearing up for a busy time on site.

She runs Rainbow Rebel Clothing and Gifts and said: "It’s the hardest-working one but it’s the most enjoyable. It’s busy and it’s very important financially to my business every year."

Hannah will be joined at the event by the likes of the Street Sub Aqua Club - one of numerous groups and charities who pick up vital funds at the event.

Club member Kate Open said: "All the proceeds go straight back into the club funds. It subsidises all our activities because scuba diving, traditionally, is actually quite an expensive sport."

Street Sub Aqua Club has had a food stall at the event for the last few decades Credit: Street Sub Aqua Club

John Todman, from the club, said: "Without the festival the club wouldn’t survive in its state as it is now, not without an awful lot of input financially from members and a lot more fundraising from different events."

The Glastonbury Festival also has a huge impact on the lives of the people of Pilton. The village neighbours Worthy Farm and Owain Powell has recently taken on the Crown Inn pub there. He is renovating it to get it ready for late June and he’ll also have his mobile chip shop at the event as well.

The Crown Inn, in Pilton, is being renovated ahead of this year's Glastonbury Festival

He said: "Personally, I absolutely love having the festival here. It’s the most culturally-diverse music festival in the world and I just think we’re really honoured to have it on our doorstep.

"It spreads far and wide to Shepton and Glastonbury - the sheer amount of people that it brings into the area, it’s absolutely amazing."