Drivers baffled as they spot diners with table and chairs on scenic Bristol Portway

BPM Media
The diners were spotted with a fully laid up table Credit: BPM Media

Drivers along a Bristol road were baffled this weekend when they drove past a group sat around a fully laid dining table on a layby.

A witness said he saw the group on the Portway around 2:40pm on Saturday (22 April).

They were sat along the road with a table, chairs, candles, a wicker basket - and even a lamp.

As entertained motorists drove past some honked their horns and the diners turned to wave to them.

In a picture, the group can be seen sitting next to a large grey SUV. 

The Portway route is one of the most scenic in the city, running along the Avon Gorge with views of the river stretching into Bristol.