Dashcam shows moment car pulls out of junction into motorbike's path in Dorset

  • Warning: Contains footage some may find distressing

Police in Dorset have released footage of the moment a driver pulled out of a junction into the path of an oncoming motorcycle.

The driver was convicted of driving without due care and was given five penalty points. He also had to pay £594.

The footage shows a 4x4 waiting to pull out as a motorbike and a van pass by, but as a second motorbike comes along the road, the car drives right into its path and the two crash.

The force is releasing the footage as a warning to other drivers to be aware of motorcyclists, as more are expected on the region's roads in the summer.

They said: "Let's work together to keep all road users safe in Dorset. Please look out for bikes, and riders should make sure they can be easily seen."