Cows escape from common and cause havoc in residential areas across Chipping Sodbury and Yate

The cows were even seen a couple of kilometres from the common in Yate. Credit: Steve Burden.

Dozens of cows have been herded up across a rural town and village near Bristol after escaping from their field and causing havoc in residential areas.

The cows escaped from a field near a common in Chipping Sodbury, South Gloucestershire, at around 7PM on Monday evening.

They were on the loose in multiple residential roads and even made their way to some of the more built-up areas in Yate.

A number of police officers were called out to round up the cows as more people helped herd them back towards the common area and in to livestock wagons.

The rescue operation went on well in to the night.

Multiple videos and pictures were posted on social media, some had shown damage to cars and gardens across the town.