Drug dealer jailed for cuckooing a vulnerable person's home in Swindon

Joseph Hombessa has been jailed after he was found cuckooing a vulnerable person's home in Swindon Credit: Wiltshire Police

A drug dealer from London who was cuckooing a vulnerable person's house in Swindon has been jailed for more than two years.

Joseph Hombessa, 22, appeared in Swindon Crown Court today (May 5) and was jailed for two years and four months.

He was arrested after officers carried out a welfare check on a man known to be vulnerable in Tadpole Garden Village in September 2020.

Hombessa opened the door but could not give a valid reason for why he was at the property.

Police carried out a search and found evidence of drug supply and a rucksack with more than £800 in cash inside.

PC Sean Williams, from the South Central Swindon neighbourhood team, said: “The work of our local neighbourhood team includes looking out for and providing support for some of the most vulnerable in our society.

“We rely on people reporting their concerns to us, so we can take action and not only arrest the criminals but ensure the appropriate support is in place for those who need it.”

Cuckooing is where drug dealers take over the homes of vulnerable people.

Wiltshire Police is encouraging people to know how to spot the signs of cuckooing so they can report it to the police.

Signs to look out for amongst neighbours, friends, or family members:

  • frequent visitors at unsociable hours

  • changes in your neighbour’s daily routine

  • a vulnerable person declining visits from friends, family, or care givers

  • unusual smells coming from a property

  • suspicious or unfamiliar vehicles outside an address