Three Gloucester care home residents turn 100 in one year for first time

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Three residents at a care home in Gloucestershire have joined together to celebrate their centenary birthdays - and shared their tips for longevity.

Norman, Arthur, and Joy live at the Guild House care home in Gloucester have all turned 100 this year.

It's the first time the home has had three people hit the milestone within one year.

Arthur McKenna, known as Mac, reached the special anniversary on 10 May, one day ahead of Norman Crampton.

But Joy Fox beat them both, receiving her message from the Queen to commemorate the birthday back on 16 January.

Joy received her letter from the Queen in January

Speaking about her life, Joy said she used to love riding her bicycle.

"I used to cycle for miles, like really miles. I think I went to Derby one time, and back," she said.

Norman also shared Joy's youthful spirit.

"You're just the same, you don't feel any older than you did," he said.

Meanwhile Norman said he had many "happy days" and continues to have a "happy marriage" to Min, another resident in the care home.

Norman's wife Min says the key to a successful marriage is "a lot of give and take"

The couple recently celebrated their seventieth wedding anniversary. Min said the reason for their happiness was because they have "a lot of give and take".

Sabine Berry, social activity co-ordinator at the home, said celebrating the three birthdays together was "incredible".

"We're so proud of [the birthdays] as well. I did ask at head office and we've had a couple of people turned one hundred in the time, but never three in the same year, so we're very proud of it", she added.

And one of the care home residents had a simple piece of advice for those curious about how to make it to a century.

Mac, 100, said: "Drink more beer, obviously".