Gloucester charity helping families with cost of living crisis sees 30% increase in referrals

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A charity in Gloucestershire which is helping families struggling with the cost of living has seen a 30% increase in referrals.

Gloucestershire Bundles provides items for families who can't afford them.

Each year, more families are finding themselves in need of the charities help. Staff said there aren't enough hours in the day to keep up with the demand.

Referral co-ordinator Stacey Brayshaw said: "The amount we are receiving at the moment is unbelievable. Quite overwhelming sometimes, with the write-ups each one is more heartbreaking than the next.

"You've got the refugees coming in, as well as everyone in Gloucester, with the cost of living going up the need is great."

Staff and Volunteers help pack items to be send out to families in need

In 2020 the charity dealt with 584 referrals. In the last 12 months the charity has seen a 30% increase with 902 people in need.

The charity are currently in need of toddler beds, pushchairs and toiletries.

Families are referred by professionals such as social workers, then staff or volunteers sort out what they need.

It is a model that has not changed since the charity was born 13 years ago in Dawn Dolphin's living room.

She said: "We are seeing that we are not getting such big items donated such as cots and toddler beds. We assume it's because people can get a bit of money for them, it helps pay the food bill or the electric.

"We have a waiting list for strollers and toddler beds, we are hoping to get some funding to get some and buy them new we keep putting pleas out and hoping that they get donated."