The normal house in Bristol hiding a stunning Japanese garden

Martin Fitton
Martin Fitton spent a decade transforming his garden

A man from Bristol has transformed his modest back yard into a spectacular Japanese garden.

Martin Fitton has spent a decade transforming his garden into a tranquil wonderland.

Martin said: "I visited a place - Compton Acres - I walked though their Japanese garden, and I thought 'I've got to create this at home'.

"I came home and straight away I started creating a Japanese-style garden.

"Every spare hour I get from work I'm out in the garden creating something new."

Martin, who is a lorry driver by trade, added: "It's a way of getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

"It's really worth because at the end of it you can see what you've done and you've built it yourself."

Martin has built most things in the garden himself
Martin works on the garden as a way of de-strsssing
Martin Fitton, 53, has spent the past 10 years working on his garden
Martin first started the project in 2009
Martin says the garden provides him with an escape
Martin says he spends 'every spare hour' working on the garden