Tesco lorry gets stuck in Bristol street for 15 hours

Tesco lorry blocks street in Montpellier, Bristol for more than 15 hours.
Tesco lorry blocks narrow side street in Montpelier, Bristol for more than 15 hours. Credit: Bristol Live/BPM MEDIA

A Tesco lorry blocked a Bristol road for more than 15 hours.

New footage has emerged showing how the lorry, which was stuck down a narrow side street, was rescued.

The lorry driver then turned right into Brook Hill from Upper Cheltenham Place when the lorry became stuck.

Residents said the vehicle arrived just before 7am on Friday 13 May and was there for the rest of the day and into the evening.

The driver says he became stuck after he turned a corner and was unable to pass a parked car. Credit: Bristol Live/BPM Media

Footage uploaded to TikTok account 'stuckin.truckin' shows how the lorry was freed.

A crane mounted on a truck is seen lifting a car which was parked on the pavement so it could move it to the other side of the road, which made room for a separate removal truck to drive up towards the Tesco lorry.

The lorry was then able to reverse down the street.

The driver became stuck after turning right down Brook Hill. He said he could have made the corner if a car had not been parked right on the corner, limiting how much space he had to turn.

Residents have been complaining the narrow residential streets in Montpelier have long been use as rat-runs.

But they say it has been made worse by the temporary closure of Ashley Road, the main road from Stokes Croft, through St Pauls to the M32 junction, because of roadworks. 

Shoppers had to wait for any 'salmon en croute' set to be delivered that day. Credit: Bristol Live/BPM Media