Rescue teams 'doing everything they can' to help Spearmint the seal

Spearmint the Seal is was admitted to RSPCA West Hatch Wildlife over health concerns Credit: RSPCA West Hatch Wildlife

A seal which was taken away by the RSPCA amid concerns for her welfare is being treated for an infection.

Spearmint the seal was taken from her home near Plymouth after beach-goers "tried to sit on her" in April.

She is now being cared for at the RSPCA West Hatch Wildlife Centre, which had previously looked after her in 2020.

In an update, the centre said staff have been "overwhelmed" by messages of support about Spearmint - who is a regular visitor to Firestone Bay.

Spearmint in recovery with her pool mate Credit: RSPCA West Hatch Wildlife

They said staff are doing "everything they can" to get her back to full health but she is still being treated for an infection.

They said: "She was checked by a specialist wildlife vet as she had pus coming from her right ear.

"She is currently on long-term treatment for this infection and has now moved to a pool that she shares with another seal.

"Our team must focus on looking after the animals in our care so we won't be able to give daily updates, however we are conscious that people are eager to hear about how Spearmint is getting on and will be providing further updates when there is any significant change to her progress."