Teignmouth Airshow 'blown away' with support after 2022 event almost cancelled

  • The event's director Amy Furlong says she is overwhelmed by the public's response.

Teignmouth Airshow has been "blown away" with the support it received after it was announced it needed £20,000 to run safely.

More than £17,000 has been raised through donations in just 24 hours.

The airshow does not have any council funding and funds are raised by sponsorship and fundraising events. But due to the pandemic all but one of the fundraising events for the airshow were cancelled.

It costs around £80,000 to put on the event, which covers portable toilets, crowd safety barriers, security and first aid among many other things.

Red Arrows Credit: Paul Box

This all need to be in place before a single plane is allowed to leave the ground.

Amy Furlong, the event's director said: "We've been absolutely blown away with the support.

"We've had more than £10,000 in GoFundMe donations which is just absolutely incredible.

"We've also had two personal donations which equate to £7,000 which is just absolutely insane."

Nevada Constructions, TMS Maritime Services, Cofton Holiday park and Devon Valley Holiday Park have also come forward as sponsors.

Amy Furlong told ITV News West Country: "We do this for the town, that fact that everyone has turned around and said 'well done guys you're doing a great job' is just so lovely.

"I think it needs to be said just how grateful we are as a committee none of this would have been possible without the public."