South Gloucestershire roads 'defective' after resurfacing work - with pot holes already forming

The surface appears to be coming up in Littledean in Yate. Credit: ITV News

Residents in South Gloucestershire say newly laid road surfaces have been a 'complete waste of time'.

Twenty-one roads in the area have been resurfaced with a 'defective material' and the new surface is now starting to 'strip off and in some cases form holes'.

Lisa who lives in Yate told ITV News: "It's really disappointing and looks like it's been a complete waste of time. We pay a lot of money in taxes and the roads around here are terrible.

The council does not consider the surfacing problem to be a risk at the moment. Credit: ITV News

"Hopefully it just gets sorted out quickly and they get it right next time but it's obviously inconvenient when they're doing the work as well."

South Gloucestershire Council said: "We are aware there are problems with the quality of the road surfaces laid at 21 sites around South Glos.

"The micro asphalt surfacing mix used by our contractors would appear to be defective and we are working with them to find out the cause and take action as soon as we can.

"The council wasn't involved with sourcing this material."

The council and the contractors are now working together to find out the cause of the issue and take action.

They have not yet confirmed what that action will be, or if and when repairs will be carried out.

The new surface is now starting to strip off. Credit: ITV News

The roads affected are:

  • Abbotswood, Kingswood

  • Avon Road, Charfield

  • Berkekey Close, Kingswood

  • Bevan Court, Filton

  • Bredon, Yate

  • Cains Close, Kingswood

  • High Elm, Kingswood

  • Homefield Rd, Pucklechurch

  • Langford Way, Kingswood

  • Lilliput Avenue, Chipping Sodbury

  • Littledean, Yate

  • Lyndale Road, Yate

  • Maessbury, Kingswood

  • Manor Lane, Charfield

  • Orchard Close, Charfield

  • Orchard Road, Pucklechurch

  • Park View Avenue, Thornbury

  • Queens Road, Pucklechurch

  • Springfield Close, Mangotsfield

  • Stockwell Drive, Mangotsfield

  • Underhill Road, Charfield