'Absolute shambles' at Bristol Airport as passenger queues stretch outside terminal

Credit: Twitter @albinjindu
Passengers also faced long queues to get through security earlier this month Credit: Twitter: @albinjindu

Long queues at Bristol Airport have been described as an "absolute shambles" this morning (May 19) as passengers hit out at long waiting times on social media.

One user called the situation "ridiculous" saying it was "the longest queue I have ever seen in my life" as pictures emerged of people stationed outside the airport to get through security.

Another said there had been "disgusting mismanagement of passengers in security queues this morning", with reports of people queueing along the front of the terminal building.

Long queues at Bristol airport. Credit: Twitter:@albinjindu

It is not the first time passengers have been stuck in long queues, with the airport asking travellers to arrive early if they are due to board a flight amid an exceptionally busy month.

Bristol Airport has apologised for delays. In a statement, a spokesperson said: “We are sorry customers experienced an above average check-in and security queue this morning during peak operation.

"The maximum queue time at check-in did not exceed 43 minutes and security queue time did not exceed 90 mins, no delays were experienced at bag-drop desks.

"We work closely with all business partners and airline handling agents to ensure staffing levels are sufficient to provide a good service and our average queue time for security is 30 minutes.

"We constantly review resourcing across all areas and adapt plans to meet demand and build in resilience where possible to ensure that service standards are consistent through the day.

“We appreciate the frustration experienced by customers currently and please be reassured our teams are working exceptionally hard to assist customers throughout the airport journey.

“All business partners are continuing to recruit and train new colleagues, but this takes time.

"We advise all customers to check with the airline when their check-in/ bag drop desk opens and arrive in the terminal at this time – do not arrive too early as customers will not be able to check-in.”