Boy, 5, 'upset' after being caught up in pitch invasion at Swindon Town vs Port Vale match

Sam Skeates said the violence meant the mascot experience was "forgotten about".

A five-year-old who was caught up in violence during a pitch invasion has "forgotten" all about the positive experience of being a mascot at the game.

Hundreds of Port Vale supporters rushed onto the pitch after Swindon Town lost 6-5 in the League Two play-off final last night (19 May).

Footage appears to show fans surrounding Swindon Town players before punches were thrown.

Shante and Sam Skeates were at the game with their son Junior, who acted as a mascot for Swindon Town.

They had enjoyed a fun day at the ground but his memories are now tainted by how the match ended. The couple said Junior was "upset" by the "shocking" behaviour on the pitch.

Sam told ITV News West Country: "He [Junior] had such a good day with it all.

"Everyone at Port Vale was really good, especially the foundation and people from the club. We met the Chair Carol and she was very friendly."

"The disappointment is that with what happened at the end, when we ask him about his best and worst parts about the day they all involve the events of the end."

Speaking after the match, Swindon Town's head coach Ben Garner said: "Players have been physically and verbally abused. I've seen it in some of the other play-off games.

"I don't know where we're going as a country with this. It's absolutely disgusting."

He told ITV News he felt unsafe, describing the situation as "madness".

Junior's Mum Shante continued: "It came to a point of me and Sam separating, he and Junior got taken off by security to get to somewhere safe and I had to stay and grab all our stuff. Another little boy next to us was injured in the face."

Watch: Shante and Sam discuss Junior's time as a mascot

A spokesman for Port Vale FC said the club "will not tolerate such irresponsible behaviour" and it "remains committed to taking the strongest possible action against anyone found guilty of being involved in criminal activities – including barring individuals from future games".

The Skeates family are glad Junior enjoyed his mascot experience but wished it had ended in a different way.

The FA told ITV News West Country it is aware of the incident and will be looking into it.