The community garden in Newquay helping young adults get their first job

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A community garden in Newquay has turned into an outdoor classroom for students who are likely to fall-out with education or struggle to get a job.

Newquay Orchards has been using the great outdoors to give young people with special educational needs practical horticulture skills and qualifications to get their first job.

Jess Worthington has cerebral palsy and is one of the students who has thrived on the Growing Futures course - having previously had "struggles" with mainstream education.

She says, "When you're here, you just feel a part of a team. You don't feel isolated. You get to know new people, new friends, and you get to meet friends here. And make new friendships here. So it's really amazing here."

From seed to sale - students grow vegetables to be sold commercially to the Canteen kitchen Credit: ITV News

Now nearing the end of her two year qualification, Jess is on track to train as a teaching assistance from September.

Gemma Lewry, the educational officer at Newquay Orchards, says there's a lot of "anxiety" for the young adults they work with because they often have "no clear path" of what they want to do in life.

"One of our really important roles is to sort of help them with that anxiety is okay, that that anxiety exists. Let's help them to see what they can, where they can go, what their options are, and hopefully set them up for a brilliant future."

The Growing Futures course Newquay Orchard specialises with young people who are "at risk of being NEET" which means not in employment, education or training.

Gemma says it's a two year learning programme largely based on outdoor activities but also includes lessons on what a mortgage is and how to live a more energy-saving lifestyle.

"It's more about creating a student not just who has these qualifications, but is a whole rounded person."

Rory says it makes him proud seeing how much the gardens have changed at Newquay Orchards. Credit: ITV News

Rory Bendle is another success story, going from a student in 2012, to lead volunteer, and is now employed by the cleaning firm which has a contract at the community gardens.

He says his time at Newquay Orchards has "changed" him quite a lot and helped him make a lot of new friends.

"I like helping out all my mates if they're struggling a lot. So I like I like doing gardening. It feels fresher. I like being outdoors more than being indoors."