Watch: A 'super pod' of dolphins playing close to the shore off the Torbay coast

  • Watch the dolphins just inches away from the catamaran

Footage has been captured of a large pod of dolphins playing in the waters close to the shore in Devon.

The video - showing the group of common dolphins - was captured on Thursday (June 2) off the Torbay coast.

The video was taken during an outing with, which operates out of Brixham.

Skipper Ross Parham, who was leading the trip, described the group of dolphins as a 'super pod', saying a sighting of pod that size so close to the shore was rare.

The animals were just a mile from Berry Head which he said makes the sighting even more incredible.

"Our four-hour boat safari had a lucky eight persons on board who were treated to a wonderful, fast-moving super pod of common dolphins which surrounded the boat to give the guests a magical memory to last forever," Ross said.

"The dolphins were leaping from the water and bow-riding just inches away from the catamaran.

"We have had large pods before but very rare occasions where they are this close to shore, just one mile from Berry Head in Brixham", he added.

Common dolphins are an offshore species but can come close to the shore to feed.

They can measure up to 2.7m in length, and are most often spotted off South and West coasts.