The 'Fixy McFixface' van touring Somerset to repair broken electricals

More people are repairing items at home instead of throwing them away and it is hoped a new van touring Somerset will encourage that even more.

It is called 'Fixy' and the Somerset Waste Partnership is taking it around the county to events and repair cafes offering people the chance to have their old items fixed.

Somerset has a growing network of repair cafes and similar groups. The van - which was named Fixy McFixface in a public vote - will be giving them practical support and helping them grow.

Neville Ward helps out at one of the cafes and said it isimportant to try to fix electrical items instead of throwing them away.

"What have you got to lose? It’s already dead so you haven’t really lost anything," he said.

"If it doesn’t work it was worth a go and you’ve learnt something in the process."

Repairer Neville Ward is one of a number of people who will be helping people to fix their items

Carrying helpful tools and vital spare parts, the van boasts a solar-powered power supply and will offer a portable appliance (PAT) testing service to give fixed electricals a safety check.

Managing director of Somerset Waste Partnership Mickey Green said: "People in Somerset are fantastic at recycling and recycling is brilliant, but better than that is reusing things, not throwing away.

"This is us starting to help people do more, starting to connect with all the fantastic repair cafes that are around Somerset. We want to make Somerset to be synonymous with repair and reuse.

“It saves money, reduces waste and contributes to tackling climate change – why not give it a go?”

The van has also teamed up up with Somerset-based Donate-IT to take donations of broken or unwanted smart tech for repair to pass on to those schools, groups or individuals who need them.

Later in the year, Fixy plans to visit schools and businesses to discuss how repair and reuse could work for them.

For more information and the latest on Fixy, including where Fixy McFixface will be and when, and how to get involved in repair and reuse visit the Somerset Waste Partnership website.