Murder victim's wife says 'monster next door' made Walton Cardiff street feel like 'war zone'

Matthew Boorman

The wife of a father-of-three who was stabbed to death by his neighbour said life "will never be the same" as his killer was jailed for life with a minimum term of 38 years.

Residents of the quiet residential street of Snowdonia Road in Walton Cardiff, near Tewkesbury, lived in fear of Can Arslan for years before he stabbed 43-year-old Matthew Boorman on his own front lawn in front of his wife and 12-year-old son.

Mrs Boorman was at the front door ready to greet her husband when she saw Arslan - who she described as "the monster next door" - attack him.

Mrs Boorman also suffered a stab wound to the leg as she tried to pull Arslan off her husband.

Bristol Crown Court heard one of the couple's three children - who had been inside watching cartoons at the time of the attack - saw his father's bloodied body from the window and "can't get it out of his head".

Sarah Boorman paid tribute to her husband as she gave her victim impact statement at Bristol Crown Court today (9 June).

In an emotional statement, she said: "Matt was a fantastic father, he loved their company. Our children knew nothing but love and care and kindness.

"Matt was my soulmate. He was my partner in life. We had so many adventures, we were an amazing team.

"Matt was a loved brother uncle and son. He was a friend to many.

"As for the monster next door, we do not mention his name. The man had made our lives a misery for years.

"Matthew didn’t want me going out to put out the washing or the bins.

"Every time we went out he would pretend to phone a hitman. It felt like we were in a war zone."

Matthew Boorman was stabbed 27 times on his own front lawn. Credit: ITV News

Mrs Boorman continued: "I’ll never forget the 5th of October 2021.

"The morning was like any other with three children. Matt got ready to go to work. We didn’t know that eight hours later our lives would be forever changed.

"It’s a nightmare that repeats in its intensity and torment every day.

"Matt will never see our three children grow up, Matt won’t see them grow up to be adults.

"Every night I put my children to bed, they miss him and don’t understand.

"What I witnessed will haunt us for as long as we live.

"My son is scared of noises. After the murder, he couldn’t walk in through the front door.

"My three children changed and they will never be the same. I miss Matthew so much. I try hard to keep it together.

"I struggle as a single mother and a widow. I was heartbroken when Matt died and that does not get better. I have flashbacks to what happened.

"I worry that I did not do enough to save Matt.

"I want to say thank you to the heroes who saved me and tried to save Matt. They selflessly ran towards danger.

"I try to look forward, we’ll make more memories, we’ll speak his name every day. I will never stop telling people about Matt – about how amazing and incredible he was."