Man jailed after 15-hour police stand-off in Weston-super-Mare saw West Wick homes evacuated

Avon and SOmers
Luke Stilwell, 40 shone a light in officers eyes and detonated a pyrotechnic device from his window. Credit: Avon and Somerset Police/BPM Media

A man who was involved in a 15-hour stand-off with police in Weston-super-Mare has been jailed for four years.

Luke Stilwell barricaded himself inside his home in Turnock Gardens, West Wick, after Avon and Somerset Police officers arrived to arrest him on 25 January.

He threw a pyrotechnic device from the window, affecting one officer's hearing, and also shone a light into one police officer's eyes.

The incident unfolded when Avon and Somerset Police officers arrived at the property to arrest the 40-year-old.

Armed police, fire crews and paramedics were all involved in the incident Credit: BPM Media

A number of houses were evacuated on the street during the incident while a precautionary cordon was put in place on Turnock Gardens.

Stilwell admitted assaulting emergency workers, affray, possession of an imitation firearm and production of cannabis. 

He has now been sentenced to four years in prison and four years on extended licence.

Stilwell, now 40, was 39 years old when he was arrested Credit: BPM Media

During the sentencing hearing at Bristol Crown Court on Thursday 9 June, Judge James Patrick said Stilwell's actions were more than public servants should have to put up with. 

None of the officers sustained a lasting injury.