Devon residents left angry after French lorry blocked narrow street

BPM Media
The lorry was stuck for nearly half an hour. Credit: Becky Green / BPM Media

Devon residents have been left angry after a French articulated lorry got stuck on a narrow coastal road corner through Starcross, causing traffic jams and damage to buildings. Huge traffic jams built up and people got out of their vehicles to watch the drama unfold.

One resident said that the driver didn't speak English which made it difficult for him to follow instructions as other lorry drivers tried to advise him.Roof tiles on the side of one building were damaged along with a drainpipe during the 25 minute operation to clear the corner.Becky Green who took the picture and posted a warning to avoid Starcross she said: "It was stuck there for about 25 minutes."Residents say they've seen similar mishaps for the last 20 to 30 years.

But others blamed the new traffic calming measures which made the corner even narrower.A resident who didn't want to be named said it had happened so often since road safety measures were introduced that he doesn't bother to take pictures any more: "It was there for ages. I was at home. I live right on the main road and I heard the engine revving and stuck my head out the door. There was a truck stuck on the corner and a car in front of it. Nobody was going anywhere."It happens all the time. It's where they put in the new road control measures. They've just made it worse. They extended the pathway and now the road's actually even narrower than before."It's crazy. All they needed to do was put up traffic lights. Everybody who goes in the pub just moans and moans about it. "