Falklands veterans mark 40th anniversary in Devon

image of servicemen at Bickleigh barracks
Veterans take part in a memorial service at Bickleigh Barracks Credit: ITV News

Falklands veterans have taken part in a special service at Bickleigh Barracks to mark 40 years since the end of the conflict.

Bickleigh is home to 42 Commando Royal Marines which played a key role in the Battle of Mount Harriet, a critical battle to liberate the Falklands.

A poignant memorial service remembered the two lost soldiers and twenty wounded from 42 Commando, and the many other lives lost in the conflict.

The unit fought through the night of the 11th June 1982 to take Mount Harriet, a strategic move which led to the surrender of Argentine forces on the islands.

A service is held in the Memorial Garden at Bickleigh Barracks Credit: ITV News

Some of the veterans had travelled from all over the globe to attend the service held on Saturday 11th June 2022.

Lt Colonel Guy Sheridan, Falklands Veteran: ''It's a wonderful event this 40th anniversary and I've come up from the Pyrenees to be here. I would not have missed it for anything to see old friends and recount our experiences together 40 years ago. I think any event like this to commemorate a battle whether it be the Falklands or in Afghanistan must be commemorated, because people died for their country.''

Mike Collins was a Sergeant with 42 Commando at the time of the Falklands conflict, and now lives in the United States.

Mike Collins, Falklands Veteran: ''We were proud to do it. These are special people that I spent part of my life with. We have very strong bonds and being together like this just for a moment and having a beer and a laugh like we used to is a good feeling.''

Falklands veterans on parade at Bickleigh Barracks Credit: ITV News

Current serving personnel at 42 Commando paid tribute to the veterans, and joined them in a special commemorative service and parade watched by family and friends.

Lt Colonel James Lewis, Commanding Officer, 42 Commando: ''This has been fantastic, we've been looking forward to it for a year. To open the doors of this unit that means so much to so many of them and accept them back and enjoy their company has been a really unique experience.''