The new sea suit launched at The Wave in Bristol helping more women enjoy the water

Naryan Branch reports on the new sea suit for ITV News.

A sea suit has been launched to encourage people from different backgrounds to take up surfing.

The suit was initially designed by students in Falmouth and Plymouth to help Muslim women enjoy the sea.

But since it started being tested and used at The Wave in Bristol, plus size women have also heaped praise on the suit for its inclusivity.

Bryony Lewis, from the Finisterre Foundation, said: "The suit was designed as a cultural piece that would be figure hiding.

"The design means that when you're in water, it shouldn't conform to the body - so you should be able to wear a swimsuit and a wetsuit underneath."

Sabinah Janally from Women Adventurers of Colour said the suit helps people feel "part of something".

"It means that we can enjoy the sport to its maximum without being self conscious or feeling like we're not being culturally inappropriate," she said.

The sea suit was designed by students at Falmouth University and Plymouth College of Art, who were inspired by Iranian athlete Shirin Gerami.

The suit is making women feel more confident with their bodies

She said: "I just hope it creates a possibility for a greater pool of women to access sports, to access the water, to access being active and to seek the joy that comes with the water."

It is also being used by women who want to wear it for body confidence and health reasons - such as staying out of the sun.

Speaking during the launch of the suit at The Wave, surfer Zara Wold said: "I really wanted to surf, I wanted that exhilaration of just flying through the water.

"This has made me realise that I can do that - I don't have to be thin, I don't have to be young, I don't have to be anything. We can all get into the water."

Abby Richardson, from The Wave, added: "We work a lot within Bristol and with organisations who are trying to change the dial on diversity and on making sports, and particularly water sports, more diverse.

"If one thing that will help is to change the clothing options available to them, then that's a huge step forward."