The G7 Summit legacy - how much was the global event worth to Cornwall?

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On the anniversary of one of the biggest international political events ever held on UK soil - there are mixed feelings about the legacy of Cornwall's G7 summit.

The G7 saw world leaders descend on the Duchy in the middle of the post-lockdown summer.

Cornwall was told it would see benefits from the summit for years to come but 12 months on the Mayor of St Ives, Councillor Kirsty Arthur, says she's still questioning what it was worth to St Ives.

"We were thrown into this massive pit of chaos for a month or so. I'm not really sure what we were going to be left at the end of it. And I suppose a year later I probably still ask him that question", she said.

Cllr Arthur acknowledged there has been donations to wider Cornwall projects such as Cornwall Wildlife Trust's G7 nature recovery project but aside from the repairs to the roads, she doesn't think St Ives "was left with very much."

"We had two big green projects that we wanted help with in the area that we'd not secured funding for previously, which we'd hoped would be included", she said.

"There was also a conversation around better 5G connectivity that they had insinuated might be left because they brought it with them for the event and they sort of took it away with them again."

Cllr Kirsty Arthur says most people enjoyed the event itself but she's disappointed in the lack of a legacy for St Ives Credit: ITV News

Cllr Arthur isn't the only one who felt short changed by the event. St Ives gift shop owner Sharon Findley said: "As soon as the forces packed up and everybody flew away and the town was back to normal, it's not really been mentioned.

"It's as if it didn't really happen and it was it was in a film."

Though Sharon admits the road outside her house was re-tarmacked two times in the space of less than six months.

Cafe owner Rebecca Frost said bringing the biggest political event in the world to Cornwall certainly started some good conversations. But she also admitted there was not much left to St Ives after the Summit.

"I don't think it's brought in any extra tourist trade and I don't feel as though it's benefited the town after the event", she said.

However, this would be disputed by the organisation behind some of Cornwall's main industries.

Kim Conchie, Chief Executive of Cornwall Chamber of Commerce says the G7 was "amazing" for Cornwall.

She thinks this is not just for traditional agriculture and hospitality but also the tech sector, which benefitted from the "big American businesses", starting at the Spaceport at Newquay Airport.

Meanwhile the Cornwall Wildlife Trust says it would not be able to start 28 new projects for their major land restoration programme without G7 money.

As part of the five year partnership with Natural England the Government's goal was to make Cornwall the first net zero region of the UK.

"It is a very ambitious goal" says Colin Pringle, the Trust's G7 Programme Manager.

"But then we need to be ambitious in order to achieve the outcomes that are required for nature and for people so we have to go big and and look for large scale interventions which we are doing with the G7 legacy works."