Two dogs stuck down cliff spark 'complex' Coastguard and RNLI rescue mission in Cornwall

The incident prompted a large scale response from the coastguard and RNLI nearby Credit: BPM Media

Two dogs had to be rescued by the coastguard this morning (June 14) after getting stuck down a cliff in Cornwall.

The incident happened north of Watergate Bay at around 3.29am, and coastguard rescue teams from Newquay and Padstow worked together.

They were joined by an officer from Falmouth and Newquay RNLI Lifeboats were also deployed to the scene.

The teams sent a cliff technician down so the dogs could be recovered at the same time. It was not possible to collect them one at a time, without risking the second dog becoming distressed and potentially falling further down the cliff.

Both dogs were brought to safety and returned unharmed to their respective owners by 6.30am. Padstow coastguards reminded people to ensure their dogs are on a lead, while walking on the coastal path.

Padstow Coastguards said: "This was a complex operation for the Coastguard Rescue Teams, as it was clear that the dogs could not be recovered individually without the dog remaining behind becoming agitated and potentially at risk of falling further down the cliff face.

Both dogs had to be rescued simultaneously to keep them as safe as possible Credit: BPM Media

"With some coaxing from the two cliff techs, the dogs were safely secured in separate animal rescue bags and recovered to the top of the cliff, to be reunited with their relieved owners.

"Thankfully both dogs and their owners were able to walk away from this incident unscathed."

"We should be clear that the primary role of Coastguard Rescue Teams attending such incidents is to prevent an accident or injury to the owners who may be attempting to recover their dog, not specifically to recover the animals themselves.

"If you are walking your dog on the coast path, please ensure that it is secured on a lead at all times, no matter how trustworthy you think he or she is."