Chemical Brothers rumoured for Glastonbury Festival 2022 secret set at Arcadia

The Chemical Brothers are rumoured for a secret set at Arcadia on the Friday of Glastonbury Festival 2022 Credit: PA

The Chemical Brothers are no stranger to Glastonbury, having performed at the festival multiple times over the decades.

Perhaps the most memorable for many will be their set in 2019, when they headlined the Other Stage on the Saturday of the festival.

Before the full Glastonbury Festival 2022 line-up was released the duo were heavily rumoured to be be playing - but their names were missing when it was announced.

But there may still be home for Chemical Brothers fans, as there is a slot still to be announced on the iconic Arcadia stage.

There is a TBA slot at the Spider from 11pm on Friday to 1am on Saturday which fans say would be the perfect slot for the Chemical Brothers.

The duo have added fuel to those rumours on Twitter by sharing a post from @glastobation saying they are "heavily rumoured" for the Arcadia slot.

The group are currently touring Europe but have a gap in dates during the festival. They are set to perform in Cork, Ireland, in Thursday 23 June but then have no gigs until they perform at Castle Howard on Sunday 26 June.

They also posted on Instagram earlier in the week saying "Inteense rehearsals completed. Brand new intense show. We’re ready for the summer, see you in a field soon."