The young peregrine falcons which have just taken their first flight off of Taunton Minster

  • The chicks have been watched via webcam since birth

Four peregrine falcons chicks which hatched on top of Taunton Minster have fledged the nest.

The birds - named Zelensky, Elizabeth, Platinum and Jubilee - have now all taken their first flight around Taunton.

There have been a nesting pair of peregrine falcons on the tower for five years and they have become very popular among residents.

The newest arrivals are now almost fully grown but still have some of their fluffy feathers from when they were chicks.

They will also develop a yellow beaks before becoming adult birds.

A webcam has been following the progress of the birds from the moment they hatched.

Peregrines are the fastest animal in the world, reaching diving speeds of more than 240 miles per hour.

Robin Morrison, from the Taunton Peregrine Falcon Project, said: "They are just beautiful birds and they perform in a way that you just don't see any other birds perform.

"It's lovely watching them flying around the skies."