Devon's Milky Way theme park voted the best in the UK on TripAdvisor - and fifth best in the world

The Milky Way Adventure Park has been named as the best in the country by TripAdvisor reviewers Credit: Milky Way Adventure Park.

An adventure park in Devon has been named as the UK's best amusement park - based entirely on TripAdvisor reviews.

The Milky Way Adventure Park, in Bideford, has claimed the top spot on TripAdvisor's Best UK Amusement Parks list for 2022.

The park also came fourth in a list of European theme parks and fifth globally - beating parks from Brazil, Indonesia and America.

The Milky Way started as an attraction on the Stanbury family farm in 1984.

Since then around £2million has been invested in the site - with visitors now able to ride the Cosmic Typhoon coaster and enjoy panoramic views of the North Devon coastline from the park.

The adventure park also has a Milky Way railway and a mini coaster called the Cosmic Caterpillar.

The family run park has been open since the 1980s Credit: Milky Way Adventure Park

A spokesperson for the park said: "We are a bit different to many of the attractions that TripAdvisor also included on its award list.

"Like the others, we’re committed to excellence, to providing a fantastic day out, and to constantly adding to and improving what we offer – but we’re also much smaller, very welcoming, and a little quirky too plus, our entrance fees and queue times are significantly less.

“We can’t control who TripAdvisor compares us to and we’re incredibly proud for our staff because they do really care and that’s one of the reasons we are different."

The Milky Way was one of the country’s first working farm parks, but over the years, it developed into an all-weather adventure park. Credit: Milky Way Adventure Park

Milky Way partner Tara Stanbury added: “Whilst pleased to receive this award, as it means so many families have had a great experience with us and it’s testament to our fantastic staff, we are honestly a little gobsmacked to be ranked so highly by TripAdvisor."

How is the TripAdvisor best theme park list judged?

The award is part of TripAdvisor's 'traveller's choice' series, which are based on both the quantity and quality of reviews over a 12-month period.

It is the seventh time the The Milky Way Adventure Park has been placed in the top 10 amusement parks in the UK and the thirrd time it has made the European list. It has also been awarded the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence in 2022 for the 11th time.