The seaside comes to Glastonbury with the return of the 'Victorian Pier'

  • Marina Jenkins went to check out the Glastonbury-on-Sea Pier

Glastonbury-on-Sea makes a return to the festival with a 'Best of British' seaside experience.

The 'Victorian Pier' creation looks like a traditional seafront which overlooks a sea of tents, instead of water.

The pier is open every day from 8am to 10pm and there is an array of things to see and do.

You can even watch a gig played by a robot. Credit: ITV West Country

From the 'One Love Robotic Band', which takes animatronics to new levels, a traditional Punch & Judy show, to a distinctive bingo caller known as Dick’s Cheesy Bingo, a fortune teller and Pinball Geoff with his arcade of vintage slot machines.

British artist Joe Rush created the 60 metre-long 'Victorian Pier' in 2019. He is the founder of Mutoid Waste Company, a performance arts collective.

Over the years, Rush has built some of the most breathtaking sets that help make Glastonbury such a unique celebration. His first major project in Pilton was in the 1980s, when he created a "car henge", a Stonehenge made out of vehicles.

Joe Rush created the Victorian Pier in 2019. Credit: ITV West Country

Rush says he is delighted the pier has returned to the festival this year. Speaking to ITV News West Country, he said: "I grew up as a child in Hastings where my father did portrait sketching on Hastings seafront. I always loved going down there as a kid watching him.

He added: "So one night, I was talking about it with my wife and we came up with the idea of building a pier here at Glastonbury. The next day I went to see Michael Eavis and I said, 'Michael I want to build a pier and a seafront.'

"He said: 'can we have Punch and Judy?'

"I said: 'yes of course.'

"To which he replied: 'let's do it.' So I cracked on with it."

You can even have a tarot card reading done by a fortune teller. Credit: ITV West Country

Festival-goers needing a break from dancing, can stroll up to the pier, sea the sights and play the attractions.

There are also many deckchairs to put your feet up, have a rest and enjoy the view.