Bournemouth couple surprise each other with simultaneous proposal at Glastonbury Festival

Megan and Anya both chose the same moment at the circus area of the festival to pop the question. Credit: ITV News West Country

A Bournemouth couple have surprised each other by proposing at the same time at Glastonbury Festival.

Megan Bottomly and Anya Parvin have been together for seven years, but had never been to the Worthy Farm festival before.

They chose the same day to pop the question - Thursday, 23 June - despite neither one knowing the other was planning it.

"I always thought I was going to do it on the Thursday and I was just trying to find the right spot," Anya told ITV News West Country.

"It just so happened that Meg decided to do it at the same time as well - honestly it was crazy."

The couple brought their rings into the festival for the special occasion. Credit: ITV News West Country

Anya said "I was literally thinking in my head I was going to do the speech now and I had the speech in my bum bag and then Meg whipped out the ring."

Megan continued: "She looked at me really shocked and I thought 'oh no, she's going to say no' - and then she said 'I was going to ask you the same question'."

"Oh, it was so emotional," Megan finished.

Glastonbury is a popular destination for proposals, vow renewals and even weddings.

Anya and Megan both had the same idea for their proposal at the festival as they wanted to mark the occasion in a memorable way.

Anya said: "I got the ring just over a month ago and I was thinking in my head, 'Oh, I want to do it where we can celebrate and be with our friends'.

"I wanted to make it special and memorable with something that we can hopefully pass the story onto our children one day. And it's our first Glastonbury so I just thought, why not."

"It's something we can all look back on and it's a moment we all experienced."

Similarly, Megan knew the spirit at Glastonbury would be right for the big question: "the energy here and the atmosphere honestly its amazing, it's so positive and everybody's so friendly, its the perfect place to celebrate something like this."

It will be a Glastonbury to remember for the friendship group. Credit: ITV News West Country

The couple had both told their friends their proposal plans individually, so the group of four girls who also came to the festival were highly anticipating the moment.

Megan said: "I honestly don't know how they managed to keep it secret for so long."

Friends Bryony, Lauren Lia and Frankie had sat on the secret for two months - keeping it from both Anya and Megan.

The newly engaged couple with their friends at Glastonbury Festival Credit: BPM Media

Bryony said: "Megs told me one day and then I went swimming with Anya and she said 'I'm going to propose to Meg' and I nearly hyperventilated.

"Trying to hold it a secret for that long and not wanting to slip up, I think that made the moment even more special. They literally had no idea."

Lauren was watching the moment the double proposal was announced: "We all ran over as we were all watching them."

"We saw that they were hugging. So we ran over and it was so emotional, I was sobbing."

Little more than an hour after the big moment, the four friends had rigged up a banner over their tent and produced "engaged" sashes for the happy couple.

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