The clean up begins as Glastonbury Festival draws to a close

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Organisers of Glastonbury Festival have urged people to take everything home with them as around 200,000 festival-goers leave Worthy Farm.

Festival organiser Emily Eavis said: "Let's leave this beautiful valley in the state that it deserves."

Pictures showing the aftermath of Sunday night showed litter strewn across the site. But by 6am volunteers had already begun clearing up.

One volunteer said: "We were looking at a lot of litter on the Pyramid Stage, but it's not as bad as it was. I've done it many times over the years but people are more conscious of what they're doing now. Which is brilliant".

Another added: "By the teams coming in every day, it makes people think twice before they drop litter. And it's made our job a lot easier" 

Festival goers walk across the site as the sun begins to rise. Credit: PA
The litter left on the field opposite the Pyramid Stage. Credit: PA
Some bins were overflowing before the volunteers started work. Credit: PA
Hundreds of volunteers start cleaning up the site. Credit: PA
Volunteers pose for a photo after a morning of litter-picking.

Andy Rock is a litter picker team leader at the Pyramid Stage and thinks many more people are sticking to the 'Leave No Trace' message.

He said: "I noticed this morning that there were only three chairs left on the Pyramid stage. Previously there have been loads of chairs on the stage. And generally less litter as well.

"Obviously the word is getting around. People are using the bins more. The bins are gradually getting emptied more. the process gets more streamlined every year. And I've been very impressed with the motivational volunteers as well."

First time WaterAid volunteer Anne Brautigam spent the weekend cleaning the toilets.

Earlier in the week she told ITV West Country: "People have been laughing and saying you're so brave. A lot of people say 'wow that's fantastic thank you so much' because the toilets are famously grim. But they're not - we clean them!"

At the start of the festival Michael Eavis commented that he still sees himself as "a farmer first". For the rest of the year Worthy Farm is a functioning dairy farm and during the festival the slogan of 'Leave No Trace' can be seen on posters across the site.