Couple's 'shock' after Coldplay's Chris Martin played for them in pub after Glastonbury Festival

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A couple preparing for their wedding have described their "shock" after Coldplay's Chris Martin played for them in a pub.

The star popped into The Stag Inn in Hinton Charterhouse on Sunday on his way home from Glastonbury Festival.

Couple Jeremy Larkham and Hannah Organ took the opportunity to tell Chris they had Coldplay song 'A Sky Full of Stars' song planned for their first wedding dance.

The singer lifted the lid on the pub piano and began to play, apologising for his ‘hoarse’ post-festival voice.

Hannah said "I didn't in a million years envisage what would happen. I thought he might shake our hands or take a photo but then he said 'do you want me to play a bit?

"I don't think a lot of couples can say they've heard (the song) from the actual artist so it's been amazing.

"That moment was so intimate and magical, we were just trying to take in everything as it unfolded. Even afterwards we were just in shock that it had even happened."

Jeremy says he was speechless and "didn't know what to say to him so I stepped back and he carried on. It was amazing."

The Stag Inn owner, Chris Parkin said Martin "was absolutely lovely, really good... He was interested in what was going on. Down he sat and off he went and it was just an amazing five minutes when you go 'Wow!' It doesn't happen every day."

Before leaving, Martin shared some parting relationship advice, telling Jeremy to listen to everything that Hannah says.