Watch as fire-gutted superyacht hoisted out of Torquay harbour

  • Watch how engineers hoisted 'Rendezvous' out of Torquay Harbour

A superyacht which was destroyed by a fire has been lifted from the waters in Torquay Harbour.

This afternoon (29 June), a specialist barge was brought in to raise the luxury yacht from the water.

The vessel was carrying around 8,000 litres of fuel when it caught fire by the marina pontoon on May 28.

  • Footage of the fire which destroyed Rendezvous on May 28

Smoke could be seen for miles around as the yacht was destroyed in a fierce blaze.

It broke away from its mooring and drifted across the harbour to Princess Pier, setting fire to a section of the pier’s wooden decking.

The luxury yacht then sank in the harbour, and engineers worked quickly to try to prevent a major pollution incident.

The hull is blackened and melted out of shape, with a metal bow rail still intact. Credit: BPM Media

The Harbour Authority has worked with the marina operators MDL and an appointed wreck removal company on the salvage operation.

Equipment needed for the operation arrived in Torquay on Monday evening - and divers went into the harbour to make the final preparations for the salvage to begin.

Engineers have been working today to clear the remaining fuel and lift out the vessel - although the salvage operation is likely to be completed tomorrow (June 30).

Princess Pier remains closed and only essential personnel will be granted access.

Torbay Council says that once the salvage operation has been safely completed, repairs to Princess Pier will begin.