Somerset woman who collapsed in Glastonbury Festival 2022 crowd 'saved' by Sir Paul McCartney

Woman saved by Paul McCartney at Glastonbury
Lisa Morris only caught the first 15 minutes of the set before collapsing. Credit: BPM Media

A woman who waited for seven hours at the barrier for Sir Paul McCartney's Glastonbury performance had to be removed by medics 20 minutes into the set - after contracting hypothermia.

Lisa Morris, from Twerton, has praised Sir Paul's quick action after she collapsed during his performance on Saturday (June 25).Ms Morris, a self-confessed superfan, spent seven hours at the Pyramid Stage waiting for her hero to appear.

Accompanied by her friend, Kerry, the 50-year-old burrowed her way through the crowd and staked out a spot by the barriers.

They took a bag full of snacks, jelly beans, Coca Cola and cereal bars to give them fuel for Macca's big gig.

However, little more than 20 minutes after the former Beatle appeared on stage, Lisa felt herself "fading" and had to be pulled from the crowd.

Sir Paul McCartney played to a packed Pyramid Stage audience as he became the oldest headliner the festival has ever had. Credit: PA

Looking down at the pit, Sir Paul halted his performance to ask: "What’s going on over there?"

He gestured to bystanders to help, adding: "Is there something happening there? If so, let’s tend to it. Come on."

A moment later he added: "It's okay we sorted it, we sorted it. There you go, mate!" He then joked: “It wasn’t that solo I played? All right."

Lisa, who is a nurse herself, was taken to the medical tent and found to have hypothermia, with a dangerously low body temperature of 35C.

She said that once she realised what had happened, she "sobbed her heart out".

"I didn’t think for a minute that I had hypothermia," the nurse said.

"But when you are in it yourself you don’t think like that. I just felt tired, but I thought I had to stick it out. I have been waiting for this moment for three years.

"I had a really big pasta bowl before I went in because I knew I’d be there a while and I thought I would be warm inside the crowd. However, there was a strong wind blowing through the Pyramid - I could feel it catching my flag, which I held up for seven hours."

Sir Paul headlined the festival on Saturday.

Lisa said she could only remember the first 15 minutes of Macca's performance and said she was "gutted" to have missed the rest.

"He came out and I burst into tears then almost immediately I began to feel really unwell," she said.

"My temperature had dropped really low so everything I had eaten and drank came back up. I started being sick but I tried to stick it out. The thought of seeing Paul McCartney has been the only thing getting me through the last 15 weeks."

Earlier this year, Lisa's husband Rob was diagnosed with bowel cancer. He was meant to accompany her to Glastonbury Festival - where she was working at the church - but he had to miss out due to a recent operation.

The pair last saw Macca when they got tickets to one of his London concerts for their wedding anniversary in 2019.

Lisa also caught the former Beatle at Glastonbury in 2004, which she said was the "most magical moment" of her life: "This was my moment and I feel like I fluffed it up. I was in anticipation all day and I couldn’t settle myself until I got my spot in front of the stage.

"Luckily my friend Kerry came with me. I don't know what I would have done without her, but I feel terrible for making her miss Paul too.

"I felt okay during Noel Gallagher but there was a big surge after that. Luckily I stood my ground against the barrier. I am a super-fan and I told everybody that while we were waiting.

"I had been wearing my Paul McCartney T-shirt, my Sgt Pepper denim jacket and a skirt with shorts under it. So when I got pulled out, I just heard everyone saying ‘oh nooo', because they knew how much I'd wanted to see Macca.

"When I got to the medical tent, they gave me anti-sickness medication and I put on tracksuit bottoms, a jumper, a hoody and a coat. I could hear my favourite songs playing from the tent, like Live and Let Die and Golden Slumbers.

"I felt a whole mixture of emotions. I haven't been able to watch it back on iPlayer yet but I will just need to go and sit in a dark room by myself when I do," Lisa laughed.

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