Bristol protesters march to support American women following Roe v Wade abortion ruling

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Hundreds of protesters have marched through the streets of Bristol to voice their support for women's right to abortion.

The rally was organised after the US Supreme Court overturned a landmark ruling, with organisers saying they wanted to express solidarity with American women.

Hundreds of people turned out for the demo.

Organiser Siobhan said: "It's definitely solidarity with people in the US. But also there are things going on in Malta right now and Poland and there are so many other women around the world who are standing up against it.

"So here in Bristol we stand with those women, and women all around the world coming together and using our voices to show solidarity with each other and the issues we are all going through."

Men, women and children attended the march.

The peaceful protest started on College Green before heading across the city to Castle Park.

In 1973 the Roe VS Wade case ruled that the constitution protected someone's individual right to have an abortion. But last week the Supreme Court overturned that right, meaning individual states are now able to ban the procedure.