Team behind Boomtown festival launch 'world's first amazement park' in Bristol

The two-hour 'immersive experience' is set to open in Bristol at the end of July Credit: Andre Pattenden

The people behind Boomtown Fair are set to bring the world's first 'amazement park' to Bristol.

Wake The Tiger Amazement Park is set to open in St Phillips Marsh at the end of July.

It has been created by more than 100 artists including storytellers, poets, scenic artists, robotics experts, fabricators, costume makers, architects, videographers and prop makers.

Organisers say they have created a "raw unbounded experience" that aims to challenge and inspire people to transform the world we live in.

What's the story at Wake The Tiger?

Boomtown Fair is known for its living theatre, going through different chapters with intricate storylines since it began in 2009.

Like the festival, the Bristol attraction has a story of its own beginning with 'Meridia Luxury Homes'.

The experience will open in Bristol at the end of July Credit: Doug Francisco

"We create streamlined luxury living focusing on affordability through ‘smart space refinement", says 'CEO' Meredith Dean.

But 'the development' has been stopped by the discovery of an ancient tree which is a portal into the world of Meridia - one which is not too disimilar from reality.

In the fantasy world, people at the park will discover an old abandoned factory, a time capsule of messages, theories and wild experiments at the hands of alchemists, scientists and guilds all dedicated to discovering solutions to the world crisis.

Founder and managing firector of Wake The Tiger Graham MacVoy said: "This project is two years in the making and the result of decades of creative input from some of the best technologists, story-tellers and creative minds working across festivals and attractions in the UK.

"We are starting this new movement in our spiritual home of Bristol and can’t wait to be open this summer.”

How to get tickets to Wake The Tiger Amazement park - and how much they cost

Tickets cost £18.50 per adult and £12.50 for children. The experience takes two hours.