The young Somerset wildlife photographer urging people to rewild in their gardens

A photographer from Somerset has urged people to protect the natural world around them by rewilding in their gardens.

Ben Pulletz, who lives in Charlton Adam near Somerton, only started taking photographs four years ago but has picked up numerous national and international awards for his work.

Unsure what to do after leaving school, 20-year-old Ben picked up a camera and getting so close to nature has led to him actively helping to protect wildlife.

He said: "We need to know what’s around, like glow worms. People don't really understand the impact when they cut their front lawn or back lawn.

"I've tried to encourage the whole of my road where I live to leave a bit and I've left my bit. Hopefully we can help the numbers of glow worms, that would be brilliant."

Ben's photograph of two hares at sunset took months to achieve Credit: Ben Pulletz

Ben's photography has won more than 25 international awards, one of which was the under 20 category at the Siena International Awards.

He said: "I'll do all I can to try and get that shot. I walk about 30 miles a week at the moment, lying in the hedgerows, lying in the crop wheat fields, all weathers and anything it takes.

"It's a great feeling when I've put all that time in, like the two hares in front of a sunset - that took about a year and a half to get!"