Footage shows family of beavers thriving on the banks of the River Avon near Bath

  • Watch beavers on the banks of the River Avon

A family of beavers discovered living in the wild for the first time in 400 years are now thriving on the banks of the River Avon.

The family were found last year by the CEO of Triodos Bank UK, Bevis Watts, who spent his sabbatical tracking the beavers.

He has now written a book called River Journey about his quest.

The same beaver family has just had a new litter of three kits; evidence they are continuing to flourish.

Bevis was volunteering with Avon Wildlife Trust when he found evidence in 2021 of wild and free beavers.

  • Bevis speaks to ITV News about the beavers on the Avon

The endangered species has been reintroduced across the UK in conservation trials since the early-2000s, but Beavis' discovery of three generations of beavers in the wild suggests that the once-extinct species may once more be breeding, flourishing and living freely along the Bristol River Avon.

He said: "Beavers are what's called a keystone species so they're constantly reengineering the habitat they live in and that in turn creates food and homes for other wildlife so they're really important to helping our wildlife recover.

"The fact they're here and it was a real surprise they're here, the fact they've been thriving for several years is hugely exciting because i think we need them to help us and help our natural environment recover.

Bevis said there's at least 10 beavers in the family group he has been monitoring.

He was inspired to write the memoir to raise funds for beaver conservation, and all proceeds from the book's sales will be donated to Avon Wildlife Trust and Beaver Trust.