Gloucester residents blighted by fly tipping

Images of rubbish on Oxford Street from a couple of weeks ago Credit: BPM Media

Residents on a Gloucester street are at the end of their tether with a litter and fly tipping problem that has plagued them for years.

They fear their appeals for help haven't been listen to and that the problem will never be sorted on Oxford Street.Photographs taken on Monday morning (July 4) show the extent of the problem. It is, they say, an environmental health hazard.

“It’s also a health and safety issue,” said one exasperated resident, “because at times you cannot even walk on the pavement. If you do, you risk injury from slipping on rain sodden food that has fallen out of plastic bags picked at by seagulls.

“But the city council deals with it similar to management crisis: without tackling the cause - at what cost?,” she asks. “The issue is making our lives miserable.

Rubbish on Oxford Street Credit: BPM Media

“It’s the same situation, week after week. We have respite for a couple of days after the rubbish has been cleared before it starts all over again.”

Ward Councillor Jeremy Hilton understands the frustrations of Oxford Street residents. “It’s unacceptable and not neighbourly,” he said.“I have emailed the Leader of the Council about the issues Oxford Street residents are facing and the Enforcement Team will be going in.” Oxford Street is an area of multi-occupancy and with often a high turnover of residents, which could account for part of the problem.

Oxford Street earlier today on Wednesday July 7, free of rubbish Credit: ITV

Permanent residents want to see more accountability on the part of landlords, to ensure there is enough provision for proper disposal of rubbish and recycling.

"The Council have CCTV cameras in the area," said Jayne West, an exasperated resident. "We would like to see them used here so offenders can be identified."

On Wednesday July 6, an ITV journalist went to the area, where streets they passed appear have been cleaned.