Arrest after reports of man impersonating police officer in Gloucester

The incident happened in Waterwells Drive, Quedgeley Credit: Google Maps

A 29-year-old has been arrested after reports a man has been impersonating a police officer in Gloucester.

The incident happened at around 2.15am on Monday 11 July when a driver reported his car was followed and flagged down by a blue Renault Laguna in Quedgeley.

It is understood a man then got out of the Renault, but on seeing police officers, tried to drive away.

Gloucestershire Police say they have arrested a man from Brockworth on suspicion of possession of an offensive weapon, possession of a Class B drug, and fraud. He has been released on police bail.

Following the incident, the force urged anyone who my have experienced anything similar to report it.

They also issued reassurances that genuine police officers will always take the time to confirm their identity.

A spokesperson for the force said: "If you have suspicions or genuine concerns about an unmarked car which is indicating for you to pull over, you can call 999 as the police can check if one of their cars is stopping you.

"Drive at a reduced speed to the nearest public place, such as a petrol station, police station or somewhere well-lit, and try not to stop anywhere secluded.

"Do not speed away but instead signal that you have acknowledged their request to stop and indicate the action you are taking, such as putting on your hazards lights and pointing from the driver's window to where you are heading. 

"Keep the doors locked until you are happy it is the police - you can ask to see the police officer's warrant card through the closed window, which should carry their name and picture, and check this with the force’s control room by calling 999."