Calls for 'dangerous' A39 crossing near Falmouth to be changed after newlywed dies in crash

  • Watch campaigners call for changes to A39 after fatal crash

There are calls for a crossing on the A39 near Falmouth be changed after a newlywed died following a crash there.

Eka Schofield died in hospital following the collision on the crossing near the Treliever roundabout in June.

The 33-year-old, from Penryn, was described as "beautiful inside and out".

Now Helen Worthington, from Mabe, is calling for the crossing to be changed.

She was at the scene of the fatal collision and immediately set up a petition for safety improvements on the stretch of road. It has now reached more than 5,000 signatures.

"It feels dangerous," Helen told ITV News West Country. "I was here only the other day after the accident and someone was flying past and I was with my three-year-old daughter and they were going 50 or 60 miles per hour.

"It's just not safe, and we have to do something about it."

Eka was airlifted to Derriford Hospital by Cornwall Air Ambulance after the crash on Friday 24 June. Police say it happened at 9.35am and involved a Volkswagen van.

In a tribute, Eka's family said: “She was beautiful inside and out. She was the most amazing person and there will be a massive hole left forever for all that knew her.

The A39 crossing links the village of Mabe with Penryn

“We would like privacy for our friends and family to grieve at this difficult time.”

Since the incident Mabe residents and community groups have met with Cornwall Council and other agencies to discuss what can be done to make the crossing safer.

The crossing connects the village of Mabe to the town of Penryn and Falmouth University campus. Residents say it is well used, but often daunting to navigated.

Steve Lawrence is from Mabe Youth and Community Project, which is supporting the campaign.

He said: "On occasion when I've got to the middle of the road where the little island is, you'd be surprised how quickly a car has come past behind you and that is quite frightening.

"That's just someone who is able-bodied. For those who are a little bit infirm or who've got pushchairs, children, pets then it can be considerably more frightening - and at night as there is no actual light there either."

The crossing links houses in Mabe with Penryn Credit: ITV News

Campaigners say they will now gather more evidence and consult the community to see what the most suitable changes could be, whether that is a different type of crossing or traffic calming measures.

Helen said: "Ultimately we have to draw all of our collective insights, evidence the views of the shared communities here and put together a plan of how we can best move forward, so it is a process but it's underway."

In a statement Cornwall councillor John Bastin told ITV News the road "clearly needs review" but said it is important to await the outcome of a coroner's inquest into Eka's death before determining the best course of action.